The Technology

The main idea behind developing the sensor is to monitor dopamine and cortisol levels in real-time using a wearable,  flexible electronic patch attached to the consumer's arm. The device is composed of a simple auto-applicator that painlessly inserts an array of miniaturized biosensors just beneath the skin. The device continuously measures dopamine and cortisol levels and transmits the data wirelessly to smartphones or computers, where it gets stored and displayed in real-time. Monitoring the status of dopamine and cortisol provides valuable information about the stage of many neurological (e.g. Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), dementia, schizophrenia, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease)   and endocrine (e.g. Cushing's syndrome and Addison disease) disorders/diseases. Additionally, continuous monitoring of dopamine and cortisol can determine the effectiveness of the medications prescribed for mental health, neurological, and endocrine disorders, similar to monitoring the level of glucose in diabetes patients.
Conventional colorimetric methods have been used to detect dopamine and cortisol outside the body. However, these techniques are generally laborious, time-consuming, and expensive, hindering the early diagnosis of several dopamine/cortisol-related diseases. To overcome these issues, we introduce fully integrated and compact, flexible biosensors on patches equipped with wireless technology to automatically collect and transmit the data related to dopamine and cortisol concentrations in real-time without needing additional equipment, reagents, or healthcare professionals.  Currently, we are in the prototyping stage of the device development, and an IP application has been initiated.