Who We Are

NTSense Technology develops inexpensive wearable lab-on-a-patch devices to monitor the level of cortisol and dopamine painlessly and continuously in interstitial fluid and blood, respectively.

Our mission is to overcome the current limitations associated with accurate and real-time measurement of blood-circulating hormones and neurotransmitters using cutting-edge, sensitive, and specific biosensing technologies.

What We Do
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1. One-click auto-applicator – an elegantly designed applicator is used to painlessly insert an array of nanostructured sensors just beneath the skin.

2. Detection and transmission – the inserted biosensors continuously measure the levels of cortisol and dopamine and transmit data wirelessly to smart devices with a display.

3. Simple App – a user-friendly application is designed to display the level of change in dopamine and cortisol in real-time.


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